PPc (Pay per click) Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective and well-known advertisement platform that enables business of all types and sizes to generate faster business through promotion. The simple concept of PPC is advertisers upload their business advertisements on host service providers who rotate the advertisement at specific or multiple websites as per the keyword defined. Based on the number of unique clicks received on the advertisements, advertisers pay the host providers. The traffic and visitors received through the PPC are filtered crowd which gives higher conversion rates and increased sales.

OM Infosoft is one of the leading and most trusted Pay Per Click service provider in India. With more than a decade of experience of SEO, SMM, SEM and Pay Per Click services, we have served to national and international from different business verticals. We have highly experienced and expert team of Per Per Click service managers who ensure that our clients get the best results through customized and tailored advertising campaign. We communicate, design, customize and present a dedicated campaign for each of customers, unlike other companies using the same techniques for all the companies.

Our PPC Services

Keywords Research & Analysis

Keywords are the main thing in any SEO process which fetches you the genuine traffic and if the keywords are not properly researched and analyzed then it cannot bring the expected traffic. As part of the PPC management services, we run a keyword research activity especially for your business. Prior to the keywords research, we identify the high ranking keywords that your competitors are using and ranking on the web. With the competitive analysis and keywords research, we list down the most effective list of keywords that can bring your advertisement on top. We assure that our strategy of PPC will offer the best results better than your expectations!

Keyword Research Banner
PPC Display Ads Banner

Display Strategy

Using the right platform to showcase your business advertisement depending on the segment is very important as it consumes the budget. Our team thoroughly analyzes various innovative and traffic generating platforms before placing any client’s banners. We also use the latest Google Display Network platform to enhance your advertising reach to targeted region, segment and audience. It is very effective and innovative platform that helps in getting genuine and potential traffic. Similar to the Google AdSense but with better enhancements and facilities to get best results!


Remarketing advertisement has become the most favourite, popular and efficient way of increasing awareness, visibility and advertisement for brands. In fact the innovative way in which the remarketing has also enabled the customers to easily get alternate options for the products & services they are looking for. In remarketing services, the advertisements are showcased on traditional and popular platforms dynamically based on the keywords, products, services etc., they have searched for in any other website. Remarketing services offers better traction and maximum visibility to your advertisements.

Remarketing Advertising Banner

Our process of Pay Per Click (PPC) management services include:

  • Keywords and Competitor AnalysisWe identify the high trending keywords related to your business and map with the landing pages on the website. We also analyse the competitor website and track their frequency of communication so that we can match their speed. We also map their communication style to counter accordingly at various regions and markets where they highlight themselves.
  • Customized Ad CampaignsBased on the research and analysis report, we create customized ads and campaign for your business dedicatedly. Our team communicates with you, understands your business goal, targets, markets, requirements, and ensures that they help you achieve it. We have creative graphic designers and team of copy writers to craft the best ads that would highlight the brand in the most intelligent way!
  • Bid ManagementThe most crucial part of the PPC is the bid management which needs in-depth knowledge of choosing the right keywords and achieving the lowest bids for lowest CPS and maximum number of clicks. We have dedicated team working for you to achieve the best value plan for the campaign.
  • Ad Campaign ManagementWe have expert team of pay per click management services who provide excellent guidance and support for using the best platforms to gain maximum traction and traffic for your promotions, deals, offers, etc. We assure you that the platforms we use are highly innovative and unique.
  • Campaign AnalysisAfter each campaign, we provide the complete report and analysis of the campaign by which the management can have clear picture of the process, initiative, efforts and results.

Why Choose Us?

We help you bring filtered traffic, genuine visitors which has high conversion ratio. You will the dedicated campaign management process only with OM Infosoft. We assure that you will receive the best in class services at affordable prices from us.

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