SMM (social media marketing)

Social media today has become one of the powerful and fastest customer engagement platforms for businesses of all types and sizes to explore. Faster engagement means seamless communication and lead generation to maximize sales. Innovative techniques and concepts have enabled several companies to reach their business goals through social media marketing. Experienced social media
marketing companies like Om Infosoft has led several brands and corporates to gain success through
dedicated support and innovative campaigns.

Leading Social Media Marketing (SMM) Service Provider

Om Infosoft offers a wide range of internet marketing services including social media marketing to corporates businesses, e-commerce, banking & finance, etc. customers from all over the world. With more than a decade of experience in social media marketing, we have strong knowledge and experienced team which develops customized campaign especially for your business based on the segment, requirements, and goals. Our differentiation is in the innovation that we add to each project and customers portfolio.

Advantages of using social media marketing

  • Social Media Strategies

    Social Media Strategies

    We guide your marketing team to build a strategic social media campaign that gives maximum impact in generating traffic, leads and visibility.

  • Targeted Ad Management Campaigns

    Targeted Ad Management Campaigns

    We design customized ad campaigns managed by our expert social media managers who define location, audience, traffic, goal, etc. based activities.

  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement

    Our expert team of social media managers ensure that customer engaging online forums and groups are created at various platforms and timely response is provided to them. Surveys, Q&As, web research, etc. activities are conducted to generate awareness as well as understand customers better.

  • Contents & Promotions

    Contents & Promotions

    Our team of experienced marketing and branding executives design promotion & offers for your customers that lead to faster sale of products and services. From designing of the campaign to execution and management is ensured by our expert team.

  • Social Media Auditing and Intelligence

    Social Media Auditing and Intelligence

    We analyze your past and current campaigns to understand what works and what not for your business. It helps in creating lucrative campaign that is customers oriented and fulfils your business objective.

  • Creative Content Development

    Creative Content Development

    Our experienced team of content managers create highly innovative and creative content for social media postings. A calendar is defined for each customer by which regular postings and interaction is rolled out on all the major social media channels.

Why Choose Us?

Our passion for innovation and expertise in social media marketing is the simple reason we are leaders in market. We keep our process, execution and reporting transparent to customers so that they can gain the maximum out of our experience and team knowledge.

If you need more information regarding our social media marketing (SMM) services, please fill in the form given below and our executives will get in touch with you.